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Olivia DLC Trailer

The third and final Fire Emblem Awakening DLC is Olivia. Yes, I am serious. She’s pretty darn popular now in Fire Emblem Heroes you know…

Much like Azura before her, Olivia is a support character turned violent. In addition to dance combos to support her allies, Olvia has learned the art of Sword Dance since she originally appeared in Awakening. Despite some similarities with Azura, Olivia is actually the most original of the three new characters.

With three DLC Packs down, only time will tell if more will release. Some love for Ike, Roy, and Eliwood would be nice!

The Awakening Pack is included with the Fire Emblem Warriors Season Pass ($19.99) or can be purchased as separate DLC ($8.99). Fire Emblem Warriors is available for Nintendo Switch and New 3DS.

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