Fire Emblem Awakening DLC Now Available

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Fire Emblem Awakening DLC Now Available

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Fire Emblem Awakening DLC Now Available

As the month of March comes to a close, Nintendo has finally released the long-awaited Fire Emblem Warrior‘s “Awakening Pack.”

Following the releases of the Fates Pack and Shadow Dragon Pack, the Awakening-inspired DLC includes new characters, skills, weapons, costumes, armor breaks, and History Mode maps.

Player Characters:


  • Vengence (Tharja)
  • Galeforce (Olivia)


  • Thoron (Robin)
  • Lissa’s Axe
  • Frederick’s Axe
  • Cordelia’s Lance
  • Missiletainn (Owain)
  • Tharja’s Hex
  • Olivia’s Blade


  • Exalt Chrom
  • Sage Lissa
  • Dark Flier Cordelia

Armor Break Models

  • Chrom
  • Robin
  • Lucina
  • Lissa
  • Fredrick
  • Cordelia
  • Owain
  • Tharja
  • Olivia

History Mode Maps

  • Scion of Legend (Owain)
  • Emmeryn (Tharja)
  • Caravan Dancer (Olivia)

The Awakening Pack is included with the Fire Emblem Warriors Season Pass ($19.99) or can be purchased as separate DLC ($8.99). Fire Emblem Warriors is available for Nintendo Switch and New 3DS.

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