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Review: Pokémon Sun and Moon

Last year, Pokémon Sun and Moon introduced players to the 7th generation of Pokémon. With this generation, fans are traveling to the Alola region. The region is made up of four small islands in a tropical region far away from the Kanto region. This region inspired by the landscape, customs, traditions and even the animals of Hawaii. With the Alola region having new Pokemon to capture, stories to tell, bad guys to stop; Will Alola be a new fresh experience for fans or just be a similar experience? Continue reading


Review: VReakout  

“It’s a whole new ball game.”

As pulsating cubes descend upon the player, they stand as humanity’s last hope. As any E3 viewers and attendees may have already noticed, 2016-2017 is the season of VR. As such, it was truly only a matter of time before online stores such as Steam became flooded with virtual reality games. Hoping to stand apart from the competition comes VReakout, a sports-inspired simulation taking advantage of both motion controls and VR tech. But is VReakout truly something new to behold, or is it just another cash grab for the VR craze? Continue reading

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Choose Your Legends Winners Revealed

Last month, after the announcement of Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo announced their “Choose Your Legends” campaign. For the two weeks between the game’s announcement and launch, series fans could vote for their favorite heroes and heroines throughout the series. Those most chosen would feature special characters in the game featuring their classic art. At long last, Nintendo has revealed our top 40 picks! Continue reading

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Nintendo Reveals New Fire Emblem Heroes Trailer and Current Polls

Yesterday Nintendo released the current polls for their Choose Your Legends contest.

As previously described, the Choose Your Legends campain allows fans to choose their favorite heroes and heroines, hype the upcoming release of Fire Emblem Heroes. The chosen winners will recieve special ingame costumes and desktop (callender) wallpapers. As far, the polls are as followed. Continue reading