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Review: Disgaea 5 Complete

Last March Nintendo’s new console the Switch was released. The unique feature with the Switch is that it is a hybrid between home and mobile console. Most of the early games released to the Switch seem to be ports of previous games. NISA joined in on this and brought the strategy RPG Disgaea 5 over to the Switch console. The Switch version comes with all the DLC along with the PS4 version in tow. Will all this content satisfy people new to the series, or will it just overwhelm them?

Story 8/10

The story follows a demon named Killia who wanders the netherworld looking for Void Dark to satisfy his revenge. On the Blood Parch lands, he intervenes between a fight between the army of the Lost and Seraphine’s army of prinnies. Shortly after defeating the Lost’s army, Killia and Seraphine travel to a pocket dimension that Seraphine has. This acts as a base of operations for Killia as he searches for Void Dark. During his search for Void Dark, Killia ends up forming a rebel army with other demons to fight against Void Dark.

While the story progresses through small skits and intermissions between missions, it slowly reveals how Killia and Void Dark are interconnected. The skits establish how Killia interacts with the other characters; while in the beginning, he stays distant but slowly grows attached to them. Most of the skits are comical, while most of the skits also have Seraphine trying to make Killia becoming her servant. The first attempt is a skill that brainwashes any male to blindly follow, However, it fails and requires Seraphine to come up with a different way to try and “convince” Killia.

Design 7.5/10

Disgaea 5 Complete uses various art styles to make it a refreshing and fun experience. All the skits use 2D art style showing off each character and any feelings they may have conveyed. Each level uses a 3D variant making it feel more realistic while the characters that interact with the level all have solid 2D sprites. The user interface is well built as it’s not hard or difficult to understand a character’s strength and weaknesses they possess. The game handles well on the Switch with its looks and runs great both in docked and in handheld mode.

the presentation starts to falter a bit in regards to how it is seen in the handheld mode. With a smaller screen, it makes everything outside the levels downscaled and tries to crunch everything into that screen. As a result of this, during the levels specifically, the sprites become slightly fuzzy. While this may be an issue for some players, those who are used to playing on a small screen will not be affected that much.

Gameplay 9/10

Disgaea 5 Complete has a bunch of options for the player to enjoy. As they jump into the game thereafter they successfully unlock the pocket dimension. The player has access to DLC that it originally had for the PS4. This includes unlocking characters from previous  Disgaea games along with others like a NISA owned character who is called NISA or a personal favorite, Metallia from The Witch and Hundred Knight. Which happens to be the first review I did on this site. All this content in the game still helps direct a new player to get a handle on the game mechanics over the first few chapters. Veteran players also have the option to skip the tutorial. The tutorials are done well that each one doesn’t feel rushed, instead it helps to flush out Seraphine’s character as she knows very little in combat.

Another thing that Disgaea does well is that the player is allowed to customize their team however they feel. Any character can use any weapon or any style. While the special skill is unique to each character, there is no stopping the player from customizing the character in any form. The other thing that the game does well, is allowed skills to become more powerful and easier to use. Each skill can get stronger and cost less mana the more its used giving more depth to the player and allowing for a team that they desire. The strategy comes in how each level is laid out and how the enemies are set. While it uses a grid format, for the characters to fight each other they need to be in sight of each other as well as being in range. Each level is relatively quick allowing players to have short play sessions and make it a great choice for the Switch. It also allows players that don’t have a lot of free time to progress in this game.

Sound 8/10

Disgaea 5 Complete has an awesome music selection. It makes use of previous soundtracks from previous games as well as having some new tracks. Throughout the game, there are multiple comedic moments and the music helps amplify the silliness of the situations, may it be Killia having a snack in the middle of a fight or another scheme of Seraphine. The music also helps amplify when it’s time to take something seriously. The story is greatly enhanced by the music, making the experience enjoyable.



Disgaea 5 Complete is a fun strategy RPG experience with a bunch of content to explore. While it may feel that the game may overwhelm newer players to the series it does a great job at pacing. With it being on the Nintendo Switch it allows for people to play on the go and at their own pace.

HEY! HEY!! LISTEN!!! gives Disgaea 5 Complete 8. Prinnies out of 10

Another Scheme...

Pros: Great Content, Excellent Music, Awesome DLC characters, Portability on the Switch, Seraphine Schemes Cons: Handled mode loss of resolution, Seraphine Schemes


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