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Fate/Grand Order VR Announced for PS4

With the recent finale of its first season, fans have been patiently waiting to see what Fate/Grand Order will have to offer next. Unexpectedly, the next thing it has to offer is none other than a spin-off set in Virtual Reality!

Fate/Grand Order VR feat. Mash Kyrielight is currently in development for PlsyStation 4. As the name suggests, this game will be playable exclusively with PlayStation VR. According to Type-Moon, the game is a sort of “VR drama” as opposed to being an actual RPG. Masters will be able to visit Mash throughout a variety of different locations including My Room. While still unconfirmed, these locations will likely be based on the various lands within FGO such as Orleans and Rome.

Much like the mobile game, Fate/Grand Order VR feat. Mash Kyrielight will only be released in Japan. Whether the game is released digitally or physically, it would still be available to play on any PS4 regardless of region.

Fate/Grand Order VR feat. Mash Kyrielight will be released 2017.

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