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Top 10: 5★ Servants


In honor of Fate/Grand Order‘s 1st Anniversary, we here at HEY! HEY!! LISTEN!!! have planned a special series of Top 10 posts. Today we focus on the Top 10 5★ Servants!

10. Gilgamesh

0122Much like the recent article “Top 10: 3★ Servants” we start this list with the 5★ Servant with Gilgamesh. In his adult form, he uses the Gates of Babylon as powerful standard attacks. His Noble Phantasm, this time, is his treasured Enuma Elish. Being one of the game’s strongest Noble Phantasms, it hits every enemy and deals massive damage. However much like his attitude in the Fate/Zero and Fate/stay night, he does not work well with other servants making it hard to find the proper team placement for him. His skill set focuses solely on him and does not give any additional effects to teammates. His third skill, for example, absorbs any critical stars, not allowing any other teammates be able to use them.

9. Jeanne d’ Arc

0592When the game first released, Jeanne was one of the strongest servants released. She was considered so as she could negate damage not only for herself but for the rest of the team. Her Noble Phantasm gives all party members a perfect shield for one turn, however, she is unable to attack the following turn. Since Jeanne was a Ruler-class servant and she is able to take half the damage from any other servants except for Berserkers. But then, Everything changed when the Fire Nation Avengers attacked. These Avengers each have a new skill that allows them to break through perfect shields. Rulers are weak to Avengers which gives Jeanne a hard time to excel where she does best.

8. Francis Drake

0652For those Familiar with Fate/Extra, Rider Extra comes to Fate/Grand Order with all her booty in tow. In Fate/Extra she was the first boss for the game and was more of a tutorial than anything. However, in Fate/Grand Order she shows her true potential. Being the first 5★ rider introduced to the game, she gives a preview of what was to come. While most of her skills focus on charging her NP Gauge and NP Damage, she is on of the first Servants to have high drop ratio of critical stars. She also had a unique skill that allowed her to attack enemy units that might dodge or be only Jeanne’s worst nightmare invulnerable to attacks.

7. Edmond Dantès (Count of Monte Cristo)

0963Edmond’s first appearance was during the Fate/Grand Order crossover event with Garden of Sinners. However, he was improperly summoned and was unable to take physical form. A month later he was reintroduced with his own event. Oddly, he was the first Avenger-class Servant to be introduced in Fate/Grand Order. He has a skill set that focuses on boosting his own attacks. His first skill being an attack boost and anti-invulnerable buff. His second skill increases his NP ratio for a few turns while his last skill steals np gauge from an enemy and converts into critical stars as well. While his kit may be self-centered, he helps the team out with generating critical stars. Unlike Gilgamesh, he likes to share the stars with the rest of the team.

6. Scathach

0702Everyone knows the Lancer Cu Chulainn and his trusty lance Gae Bolg. It may surprise some to know that said lance originally belonged to his teacher Scathach. A few months back she finally made her début in Fate/Grand Order as the main Lancer for the game. Despite this, however, she was only available for a limited time, making her role as the main Lancer up for debate. Her Noble Phantasm Gae Bolg Alternative is where she shines the best. This Noble Phantasm not only deals damage to a single enemy unit but also has a chance to instantly kill the unit. If the instant kill fails the unit is instead stunned and unable to attack next turn. However, her skills make her hard to use in a generic team. Her big damage increase skill only works if the enemy unit is Divine or Undead making it hard for Scathach to capitalize on maximum damage output. However, she does make up for it with her second skill allowing to increase quick card damage on any unit in the player’s team. Making her useful for any player having a Quick based party.

For those interested in the character, the current Chaldea Summer event (which lasts until August 31) will allow players to use and unlock Scathach as a “free” 4★ Assassin-class Servant.

5. Tamamo no Mae

0622Tamamo no Mae’s first appearance in Fate/Extra for the PSP. She was one of the three possible servants that the player could summon, the others being the “nameless” Archer EMIYA or Saber-class servant Nero. She joined Fate/Grand Order during last year’s Halloween event. As a Caster, she excels in Arts based teams. Acting as a supporting unit for the player, she is able to quickly charge everyone’s Noble Phantasm. With any Arts chain each unit in the chain giving them a 20% charge on their Noble Phantasm. With her Noble Phantasm Suiten Nikkou Amaterasu Yano Shizuishi she gives every unit a base of 25% Noble Phantasm charge, heals them, and a one turn reduction on skill cool down. Combining an Arts chain with Mae’s Noble Phantasm gives each contributing unit a 45% Noble Phantasm charge. Mae third skill allows her to give an ally or herself an additional damage increase in Arts cards. If the player does her skill upgrade this will allow may to also heal the unit she uses the skill on. Mae allows ally units to live and fight harder with the kit she has and is a great asset to use.

4. Jack the Ripper

0751Originally appearing in Fate/Apocrypha, Jack comes to Fate/Grand Order ready to wreck any female boss or rider that dares to face her. Her Noble Phantasm is Maria the Ripper which is a Quick card that starts with a base power of 1200% and adding an extra 50% damage if the enemy unit is a female unit. In addition, her skill set allows Jack to also switch to a supportive role if need be. Her first skill is a dodge and a Quick card boost. This skill allows her to use this skill in two different ways. Utilize it as a dodge or be risky and go for more damage. Her second skill allows her to remove any buffs on an enemy unit allows her or any ally servant to hit hard. Finally, her third skill is a heal and arguably one of the best in the game. Jack is able heal any ally unit including herself. While the heal may start weak it becomes strong once the skill is maxed out. When it is maxed out it heals any ally for 2500 health and only takes 4 turns to cool down where most other heal skills take anywhere between 5 to 7 turns.

3. Okita Souji

0683Before Fate/Grand Order was released the main news for the game was in the self-parody comics strips Fate/GudaGuda Order. Oda Nobunaga and Okita hosted the comic strip showing off the new servants that were going to appear in Fate/Grand Order. A few months later Okita and Oda finally made the début. Okita understood that first impressions were key. Despite being a Saber-class servant, she one of the few that overpower Archers who are normally strong against Sabers. Similar to Jack’s skill set, she focuses on high damage on single target enemy. Her Noble Phantasm: Mumyou Sandanzuki is a single target that ignores any defense and deals a powerful attack. If the enemy unit manages to survive her Noble Phantasm their defense is lowered for three turns. Her second skill increases how many critical store she may absorb. Her final skill is a dodge and gives Okita an increase in critical Damage for one turn. Okita also deals high critical damage making her able to clear any threat that might come in her way.

2. Jeanne d’Arc (Alter)

1062Jeanne being fed up with being unable to deal with the Avenger-class servants decides to join them herself. While the true Jeanne d’Arc could never be summoned as an Avenger however, her form here is summoned based of Gill de Rias regrets and wish that give Jeanne this form. So while Jeanne Ruler form is a tank, her Alter form is a high damage deal and shreds any tanks that may come across her path. Her first skill increases her crit gen and critical absorption. Her second skill increases the attack of all allies for three turns and give an additional damage if they have the dragon trait. Her last skill increases the buster card and grants her invulnerability at the cost of 1000 HP. Her Noble Phantasm: La Grondement Du Haine allows Jeanne Alter to deal massive damage to a single target while ignoring any buffs they may have. If that unit survives they are cursed for the next five turns dealing more damage at the end of the enemies turn.

1. Zhuge Liang (EL-Melloi II)

0373More commonly known as Waver Velvet, EL-Melloi II takes the number one spot for being the most useful servant there is. Most of the skills give an area of effect that buff each allied servant including himself. Waver’s first skill gives one Servant an increase in critical rate and 30% Noble Phantasm charge. Waver’s second skill is an increase in defense to all units and gives them 10% Noble Phantasm charge. Waver’s final skill gives all allies a boost in attack and 10% Noble Phantasm charge. With this Waver is able to make any Servant as deadly as can be.

Honorable Mentions: Cu Chulainn [Alter], Attila Altera, Sakata Kintoki, Florence Nightingale, Arthur Pendragon

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  • Metlspaz

    only problem is this:
    For those interested in the character, the current Chaldea Summer event (which lasts until July 31) will allow players to use and unlock Scathach as a “free” 4★ Assassin-class Servant.
    the event lasts until August 31st.

    But yeah.. this is kind of close to how I see it

    also should incluse the new Archer Arturia… who kind of power creeps many of these

    • Thanks for finding our typo, we changed it to fit the actual event end. While Saber Archer is more than deserving of a top spot, these three lists were made during the one year anniversary event proceeding the summer Servants. With them in mind we’d be very interested to hear your Top 10 Servants.

    • We actually wrote these three lists during the game’s anniversary event. That’s the only reason Saber Archer didn’t see a spot here.