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Top 10: 4★ Servants


In honor of Fate/Grand Order‘s 1st Anniversary, we here at HEY! HEY!! LISTEN!!! have planned a special series of Top 10 posts. Today we focus on the Top 10 4★ Servants!

10. Irisviel von Einzbern [Dress of Heaven]

1113Starting our list is the late Fate/Zero heroine herself, Irisviel von Einzbern. Being called to war again in the form of a demi-Servant, this Caster-class Servant focuses on support skills. Her Resolve of Dedication and Healing Magic go hand in hand, allowing her to easily heal an allied unit (or herself). When mixed with her Song of Grail, Iri can be a literal lifesaver. Song of Grail not only heals all player Servants on the field but also gives them the revive status. This means the player may easily turn a losing battle into one of endurance. Considering the fact that she possesses three Arts cards in addition to her Arts based Noble Phantasm, Iri can easily spam her healing even in Quick and Buster centered parties.

9. Nobunaga Oda

0691Taking the ninth slot is yet another event exclusive servant. Despite her non-sensical demeanor, Nobunaga is without a doubt a force to be reckoned with. Part of what makes Nobunaga scary is her Strategy which increases the rate of NP gauge fill of not only herself, but her allies as well. This makes the use of Noble Phantasms easier which can be imperative against many powerful opponents. Something else notable about Nobunaga is her Tenka Fubu which greatly increases her damage against Divine opponents. Plus did we mention that her Mami Tomoe inspired Noble Phantasm is pretty cool?

8. Nero Claudius Caesar

0052At long last we reach best Saber waifu Nero Claudius Caesar. Unfortunately only placing eighth on this list, Nero is one of the better Saber-class Servants in the game. Nero is the rare combination of an Arts based Saber with an offensive AoE Noble Phantasm, something achieved by a total of only three Servants. This means that she not only has early access to her Noble Phantasm: Laus Saint Claudius while in battle, but she can damage the entire field. With a large bulk of Arts based servants either focusing on a single target or buffs and heals, much like the aforementioned Irisviel, Nero’s range is not something to take lightly. In addition, Laus Saint Claudius also lowers the defense of all those hit by it for the duration of the turn. Thus making Nero the perfect opening act for powerful ally assaults. In addition to her combat prowess, Nero also possesses a number of support skills to keep herself alive. In addition to two different healing skills, Nero also learns a skill called Thrice-Setting Sun. This gives her a whopping total of three revives to keep her in the game. When mixed with her CE Nightless Rose and support Casters, Nero becomes a servant that becomes near impossible to take down.

7. Gawain

1231Vertrans of Fate/EXTRA will likely remember this proud warrior. Unsurprisingly, Gawain’s strength was accurately captured when depicted in Fate/Grand Order. Only accessible once clearing the recent 6th Singularity: Camelot, Gawain appears as a Buster based Saber much like his king, Arthur Pendragon. Also like his king, Saber Alter, in particular, Gawain is a powerful 5★ servant able to even give some 5★ a run for their money. That being said, his power varies. Much like the Pokémon Cherrim, Gawain’s power greatly increases in sunlight. Unlike in Pokémon however, there is no way for the player to Saber Alter alter the weather of a battle. Therefore his ranking among other Servants is somewhat inconsistent. In any case, another of Gawain’s positive traits is his Noble Phantasm: Excalibur Galatine. In addition to being massive, Excalibur Galatine also seals the skill and burns, when overcharged, the entire enemy’s field. It’s no wonder why King Arthur is so proud of this knight.

6. Lancelot du Lac [Berserker]

0483Number six is none other than Galahad’s Mash Kyrielight’s dad. Spoiler alert! Cursed with a mad enchantment, this Berserker Servant puts the “black” in black knight. As with his Fate/Zero counterpart, Lancelot is an erratic knight that deals massive damage to any who attempts to face him. As a Berserker, he is naturally super effective against most enemy units. On top of that, however, Lancelot excels when it comes to critical damage. His skill Protection of the Fairies increases critical star generation while he attacks. As he is such a heavy hitter, he is able to effectively build up stars even during an onslaught of Buster attacks. Even more terrifying is his Noble Phantasm: Knight of Honor. As a Quick card, it is able to quickly amass a plethora of critical stars. So if the Noble Phantasm itself does not take down its target, the following barrage of critical attacks will.

5. Arthur Pendragon [Santa Alter]

0731For the first, and certainly not last time, on this list, King Arthur herself takes center stage. Posing as the big man himself, this incarnation of Arthur Pendragon is better known as Santa Alter. Not unlike her Saber counterpart Saber Alter, Santa Alter delivers copious amounts of damage to her opponents. Her Noble Phantasm: Excalibur Morgan is unusually powerful, sometimes reaching the potentials of a higher class Servant. This is especially true when taking advantage of Mana Burst, a skill which increases her Buster card performance. While Santa Alter is admittingly weaker than her Saber counterpart, she is not without her advantages. One of which is her skill Saint’s Present which greatly recovers her or her allies HP and increases their star generation the following three turns, opening the door for heavy hitting Buster chains that Saber Alter is known for.

4. Arthur Pendragon [Saber Alter]

0033Speak of the devil and “he” doth appear. Ranking fourth in our top ten list is Saber Alter herself. This Servant formerly known as King Arthur is one of the scariest Saber-class servants that the game has to offer. What makes Saber Alter scary is her total offensive build. The combination of her Mana Burst and Charisma skills dramatically increase not only her basic Buster cards but even her Noble Phantasm. Considering the attack’s area of effect and power potential, Excalibur Morgan is nothing short of devastating. Whether it be an enemy swarm or an epic boss encounter, not many will survive meeting this fallen knight.

3. Nitocris

1203Yet another recent servant to appear on our list is the Great Pharoah Nitocris. Despite being a Caster, Nitocris plays surprisingly like an Assassin by focusing around powerful attacks. As with Saber Alter before her, Nitocris wields a multi-target Noble Phantasm that surpasses the limits of the average servant. What makes her truly terrifying, however, is the attack’s chance to instant kill any enemy on the field. To even the odds, Nitocris has the Egyptian Witchcraft which increases her chances of dealing an instant kill. With her High-Speed Divine Words skill, she can instantly fill her NP gauge, ready to slay the competition.

2. Kintoki Sakata [Rider] Jack Atlus

1151Long story short, Jack Atlus is really something else. At first look, Jack is about what one might expect from a Quick based servant. His combination of two Quick cards and his Thousand Mile Rush skill dramatically increases his critical rate. While his skills are good and all, it is his Noble Phantasm that earns Jack his silver medal. Upon the activation of Golden Drive: Good Night, Jack’s Quick effectiveness instantly improves. If that wasn’t enough, Jack might have the single most devastating Noble Phantasm in terms of raw power. Golden Drive: Good Night hits so hard that a few of us here at HHL almost mistook it for an instant kill ability…

1. Shiki Ryōgi

0921Claiming the gold medal is none other than Kara no Kyōkai‘s leading protagonist Shiki Ryōgi. Simply put, Shiki is a killing machine. Her Noble Phantasm: Yuishiki: Chokushi no Magan is one of the scariest that the game has to offer in any rank. In addition to heavy damage dealt to a single target, Shiki also has an absurdly high chance of instantly killing her target. Her chances increase even further with her skill Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. This skill alone ignores invulnerability & evasion, increases Shiki’s Arts card strength, and decreases the target’s instant kill resistance. About 99% of the game’s enemies will instantly fall to Shiki’s overwhelming Noble Phantasm. For those that don’t, they’ll have her other skills to deal with. Mind’s Eye (False) allows her to completely evade an enemy barrage for the turn. Meanwhile her final skill YinYang allows Shiki to sacrifice HP for NP, allowing her to rapidly fire her one-turn kill.

Honorable Mentions: Kiritsugu Emiya, Lancelot du Lac [Saber], Heracles, Arthur Pendragon [Alter Lancer], Tristan Helena

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  • Metlspaz

    Sadly I dont agree with this list.
    Lancelot du Lac Saber isnt on it, Helena isnt on it, meanwhile Gawain and Nero are, both whom do not measure up to their usefulness. Dont get me wrong, I love the Umu Empress, but I know where she stands against those two I mentioned.
    D’eon also can tank for days and offer your team much needed relief

    • In hindsight (and after further testing) we do agree that Lancelot (Saber) is overall more useful than Gaiwain. The difference is Lancelot is overall great and Gawain is more situational. I would however stand with my placing of Nero however mainly due to her Thrice-Setting Sun. The ability can keep her alive even against Grand Servants and she has stayed standing in situations when even considerably more powerful 5-star servants have fallen.

  • dedriru

    Sorry, but there’s just so much wrong with this that I don’t even know where to begin. Whoever wrote this list can’t have more than a few days of experience with the game …

    – Irisviel can NOT spam her NP, even though she has three arts cards. She has an abysmal NP gain and it can be quite hard to use it even once if you’re not using a CE that gives starting NP gauge.
    – Nobunaga doesn’t have a skill that increases her teammates’ NP gauges, it just buffs everyone’s NP gain. That’s still nice, but clearly inferior to skills that do fill up the gauge.
    – Gawain really isn’t that special. His skillset is weak to average apart from his first skill and the side effects of his NP are negligible. In fact, the skill seal is even detrimental in a lot of situations.
    – Lancelot (Berserker) is ridiculously bad, even after his recent strengthening quest, mostly due to his bad NP gain. I don’t think that you’ll find anyone who doesn’t agree that he’s the weakest 4* Berserker.
    – “Nitocris plays surprisingly like an Assassin by focusing around powerful attacks.” Really? She’s a Caster! You know, the ones with the 0.9 multiplier … (Apart from that, Assassins also have a 0.9 multiplier, so it’s not like they are known for “powerful attacks”). “multi-target Noble Phantasm that surpasses the limits of the average servant”? Her NP hits like a wet noodle.
    – “About 99% of the game’s enemies will instantly fall to Shiki’s overwhelming Noble Phantasm.” No, they won’t. The chance of her instakill effect triggering on anyone that is not a trash mob (i.e. not worth using her NP) is so minuscule that it might as well be nonexistent.
    – Meanwhile, Lancelot (Saber), the 4* servant with arguably the most well-rounded kit (NP spam, crits like a truck, general good stats) isn’t even on the list …

    • I’ve personally actually ben playing since the pre-release and obtained the (at the time) exclusive Saber Lily which was available before the game officially launched. The proceeding list is based on not only the Servant’s own usefulness but also how they fit well with teams. It is all based off of our personal experiences however so we would not expect everyone to have the same list. We’d be more than happy to hear your Top 10 Servants as community feedback is our overall goal for writing these opinionated posts.