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Top 10: 3★ Servants


In honor of Fate/Grand Order‘s 1st Anniversary, we here at HEY! HEY!! LISTEN!!! have planned a special series of Top 10 posts. Today we focus on the Top 10 3★ Servants!

10. Gilgamesh [Child]
0952 The first Servant on our list is perhaps one of the more predictable. As the young incarnation of everyone’s (least) favorite Archer, he packs a wallop even as a 3★ Servant. Even as a child, Gil has access to the terrifying Gate of Babylon. Of course, as a 3★ Servant, this mighty Noble Phantasm too received a downgrade. Even watered down, however, it is still a force to be reckoned with, even reaching the damage potential of some 4★ Servants. The only thing keeping the boy down on this list is his lack of overall usefulness in situations when the player has most any other Archer available.

9. Euryale
0151Euryale is a flirt, of course we mean that in the best possible way. As a 3★ Archer, the demigod has both decent power and HP. What makes her terrifying, however, is the effect she has on men. First of all, much like her sister Stheno, Euryale possesses the Alluring Voice skill. This allows her to charm a single male opponent and force them not to attack. Losing a single turn might not seem so bad at first, but that quickly changes when mixed with her Noble Phantasm, Eye of the Euryale. Not only does the attack get buffed when fired at a male opponent, but it also inflicts two more turns of charm. This means that when used corrected, such as in an Arts based party, Euryale has the potential to disable an enemy unit an entire three turns in a row. Mix this with the Chaldea Battle Suit or a Servant such as Jeanne or Medusa to really troll an opponent. “Suck it Gilgamesh!”

8. Bedivere
1262As the game’s newest 3★ “Servant,” Bedivere is probably one that many did not expect to appear on the list. As one of the Knights of the Round Table who served directly under King Arthur himself herself, there was no doubt that Bedivere would be good. Despite being only a 3★ Saber, the combination of his three skills: Military Tactics, Calm Composure, and Covenant of Protection, as well as his Buster Noble Phantasm Switch-On Airgetlam, give him a dependable tank build. For players without a 5★ or one of the more dependable 4★ Sabers, such as Saber Alter or Nero, Bedivere can certainly get the job done. Then there’s always those times when fighting a plethora of Lancers when the trio of Saber Lily, Saber Alter, and Bedivere is just what the Doctor ordered for this Master.

7. Ushiwakamaru
0271As one of the supposed mascots of Fate/Grand Order, it shouldn’t be as too much of a surprise for the Rider-class Ushiwakamaru to appear on this list. First off, Ushiwakamaru is easily one of the best servants during the early game. Even as the game progresses, however, her build keeps her relevant even against the higher ranked Riders. Her skills allow her to buff herself and dodge enemy attacks as needed. With help from her Tengu Art of War skill, she can seemingly be ready to launch her Noble Phantasm at a moments notice. It is her Noble Phantasm: Dan-no-Ura Hassou Tobi that truly makes this Rider great. In addition to some pretty heavy damage on a single foe, Ushiwakamaru’s critical star rate increases immensely for the following three turns. This makes her a worthy addition to any Quick and/or Buster team.

6. Medea
0312Fans of the visual novels and anime will likely remember this intimidating force. While she’s not as scary as she was in the original game, she’s not without her merits as a 3★ Servant. As with pre-existing canon, Medea’s talent lies in her Rule Breaker: Noble Phantasm. Rule Breaker not only inflicts major damage on an opponent and removes all their buffs, but it also increases Medea’s NP gauge after firing. Because of this, it is easy for Medea to continuously spam Rule Breaker during battle, ensuring that the opponent is unable to fully use buffs. Talk about playing dirty…

5. Fūma Kotarō
1173Yet another recent servant takes the fifth spot. Debuting during the recent Oni events, Fūma Kotarō is a 3★ Assassin that’s certainly worth looking into. What makes Fūma great is the unique trait of his Noble Phantasm: Immortal Chaos Brigade. In addition to dealing a fair amount of damage on every fielded foe, he also inflicts confusion on the opponent. For the following five turns, the confused units have a chance to have their skills sealed upon attempted activation. Against deadly foes, such as those found in Camelot, Fūma can disable any opposition, paving the way for his party members.

4. Robin Hood
0131 Upon first look, Robin Hood has a cool design without much going for him. He has decent HP yet fairly low ATK even for a 3★, making Billy the Kid or David seem to be the better of the silver Archers. But like Fūma before him, what makes Robin Hood great is the status effects he inflicts. Both his Sabotage skill and his Yen Bow inflict poison on an opponent. In addition to the damage inflicted in following turns, the poison status effect also greatly increases the damage output of the Yen Bow. Because of this, his Noble Phantasm is deadly against any single foe (except Lancers), with Yen Bow rivaling the potential powers of even gold Archers. Its lethality is also heightened due to his stable build. Not only does Robin have two Arts cards, but Yen Bow itself is one as well. Once factoring in his Golden Rule skill which increases his NP gain for a whopping three turns, and you have a spamable silver bullet which is one of the compliments of Robin Hood.

3. Free Hugs and Kisses Hassan Hassan of Serenity
1243 With the launch of this year’s Kara no Kyoukai crossover event, players quickly fell in love with the Assassin Shiki. Her reliable build and fantastic implementation of instant kills made her one servant to talk to. While some may argue that she was based on Hassan-i Sabbah in terms of character building, her skillset says otherwise. Like Shiki, Serenity has a skill which increases her chance of landing a successful hit, making her much more likely to instant kill than most others before her. If that isn’t enough, then just slow down the game for a moment and watch Serenity’s Noble Phantasm animation. There’s a reason the internet seems to love her…

2. Sir Galahad Mash Kyrielight
0012It was only a matter of time before she found her way onto this list, and the moment is finally here. Upon starting the game, ambitious young masters quickly meet the demi-servant Mash Kyrielight. Representing her exclusive Shielder class, Mash is a great servant for beginners who, with story placed growth, can still be a key player even today. First of all, something great about Mash is her 0 cost. This means that she can fit in any party, leaving some breathing room for the likes of Tamamo no Mae and Purely Bloom. Aside from her low entry fee, however, she has a rather nice set of skills, especially in an Arts based party. With her skills Shield of Rousing Resolution and Obscurant Wall of Chalk skills, she can not only pull aggro but also dodge all incoming attacks for a turn. This can not only protect allies from powerful incoming attacks but also give Mash a chance to fill up her NP gauge. When not dodging single target Noble Phantasms, Mash’s Transient Wall of Snowflakes and Lord Chaldeas greatly increase her party’s defenses. This makes Mash a perfect endgame unit to support other servants on their last legs, especially when mixed with the healing powers of Mae or Irisviel.

1. Cu Chulainn
0173As Carnival Phantasm likes to remind everybody, the Lancer formerly known as Cu Chulainn dies a lot. There’s the three routes in Fate/stay night, the two routes in Fate/Extra, and just about every episode of the aforementioned Carnival Phantasm where everyone’s favorite dog meets his maker. Ironically, what makes Cu top this list is his ability to cheat death in Fate/Grand Order. Had to believe right? Between his Protection from Arrows and Battle Continuation, Cu can not only dodge all incoming attacks for a turn but also allow himself to revive upon defeat.In the turns where he isn’t cheating death, he can heal prior damage and remove debuffs with his third skill Disengage. This makes him a reliable servant that can endure a majority of matches. This comes in handy considering that he is once again equipped with his trusty Gae Bolg. This allows him to not only damage a unit and lower their defensive capabilities but even has a chance to perform an instant kill. Every dog has his day, and today must be Cu’s.

Who are your Top 10 3★ Servants? Please share with the class in the comments below!

Honorable Mentions: David, Cu Chulainn [Prototype], Cu Chulainn [Caster]

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