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Top 10: Canceled Games


These are the games that will never be played. Whether it be by lack of series popularity, legal disputes, studio closing, or a plethora of other factors, these are games that will tragically never reach store shelves. While all these game are sure to be missed, some are more than others. Welcome to HEY! HEY!! LISTEN!!! where the team has comprised a list of the Top 10 Canceled Games!

10. Dead or Alive: Code Chronos (360)

Taking place before the events of the first game of the series, Dead or Alive: Code Chronos was announced in 2005 by series creator Tomonobu Itagaki. The game was described to discuss the relationships between series’ protagonists Kasumi and Ayane. According to Itagaki, the opening of Dead or Alive Ultimate showing off the two as little girls was connected to the game’s premise. Unfortunately, due to his departure from Team Ninja, Tecmo, and the Dead or Alive series in general, the game was put on indefinite hiatus until it was officially canned.

9. The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Secrets (GB)


Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons featured similar gameplay and featured an overarching story between the two games. While both titles were in fact release and each received much praise, there was actually a third game planned in the would-be trilogy. Referred to as The Legend of Zelda: Mystical Seed of Courage in Japan, the fan titled Oracle of Secrets was actually planned to be the first game in the trilogy in terms of release and story.

Just as the other games featured Nayru and Din respectively, Farore was intended to be the game’s chosen oracle. The game featured timed puzzles that could only be accessed during certain times of day, a similarity to Pokémon Gold and Silver. In the end however developing this game in unison with the other two Oracle games proved to challenging and this Oracle became the odd man out. While many of the game’s concepts were brought over to the other two, it is always a sad day when a Zelda game is delayed, even worse when canceled.

8. Pocket Monsters RPG (N64DD)


The sad fact is that only a few Pokémon fans still remember the magnificent black sheep that was Pokémon Colosseum. The game was the very first Pokémon RPG developed in 3D. Even fewer people know however that it actually was not the first attempt of a console Pokémon RPG. Back when the Nintendo 64DD disc peripheral was still in development for expanding the hugely successful Nintendo 64, Game Freak had the idea to create a three-dimensional Role-Playing experience for consoles.

The game was said to be a stand alone experience that could also hold Pokémon from the second generation games not unlike the actually released Pokémon Stadium 2. After several delays in the development of Pokémon Gold and Silver however, the tentatively titled Pocket Monsters RPG was quietly swept under the rug and canceled without another word from Nintendo.

7. Fate/Apocrypha (???)


Taking place after the events of Fate/Zero and parallel to those of the original Fate/Stay Night, this MMO was planned to take place. While only a few details of the original game have been revealed, it was supposed to revolved around yet another Holy Grail War. As an MMO, players from around the world, or at least Japan, could team up with their servant go to battle others online. The games story was said to involve Jeanne d’Arc serving as the Ruler class, giving her not only great power but the position to observe the War as she saw fit.

Unfortunately the game was canceled during the planning stages. As a consolation prize, the story was adapted into a novel series of the same name. The upcoming Fate/Grand Order for Android and iOS is said to be a reboot of the concept, involving the core concepts of a massively multiplayer war along with featuring Ruler as a prominent role.

6. Gotham by Gaslight (???)


Back in 2009, Day 1 Studios created a prototype for a game based off of the comic book story arc of the same name. Taking place in a steampunk setting, a turn of the century Bruce Wayne would be on the hunt for the one and only Jack the Ripper. The game made heavy use of a fog particle system that might make even Silent Hill jealous. The game was canceled however after the publisher THQ became unable to secure the rights for the game. While a little game called Arkham Asylum was released around the same time, it is sad to see that yet another promising game featuring the Dark Knight will never hit store shelves.

5. StarCraft: Ghost (GCN/PS2/XBOX)


Unlike every other PC exclusive StarCraft game, StarCraft: Ghost was planned as a console exclusive. This sci-fi epic was penned to take place in the StarCraft universe, but playing out as a TPS rather than the traditional RTS mechanics. Due the game being played from the perspective of a Ghost unit, it was anticipated that the game would too feature stealth gameplay in addition to action. During development the GameCube version was the first to be dropped. About six months away from completion, the PS2 and Xbox versions were put on indefinite hiatus, only to be confirmed canceled at a later date.

4. Alan Wake 2 (360/ONE/PC)


Players of Alan Wake for 360 and PC may remember the game’s lack of closure following its climax. As expected, the devs at Remedy Entertainment had a plethora of ideas concerning the game’s possible sequel. After the original games lackluster launch, most likely due to multiple delays and the final release date competing with Red Dead Redemption, Microsoft Studios has not yet seemed as keen to the idea. While the possibility of a sequel might not be completely dead, it certainly looks as if it won’t be happening any time soon. Too bad too considering Xbox One is in dire need of some hit exclusives that are not merely remakes and remasters.

3. Star Wars 1313 (PS4/ONE/PC)


There’s only one thing cooler than being in the Star Wars universe, and thats being a bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe! The once upcoming game Star Wars 1313 allowed players to do just that. With a story darker and grittier than the movie trilogies, Star Wars 1313 was an action adventure title that would put players in the shoes of the great Boba Fett. Taking place after the events of Attack of the Clones and before the original Star Wars, the game would tell the story of Boba Fett’s growth from young clone to infamous bounty hunter. With the purchasing of Lucasfilm by Disney however, the later decided to cancel all ongoing game development for LucasArts and even went as far as closed down the studio. With that, the reality of the game being released anytime soon has become next to nil.

2. Mega Man Legends 3 (3DS)


Mega Man, Mega Man, Mega Man. Everyone one seems to love the little blue guy except for Capcom themselves. With Mega Man Legends 2 infamously ending with with a cliffhanger, fans have since been begging for a threequel to complete the saga. Between previous engagements, lack of budget, and series creator Keiji Inafune leaving the company, the game and even the nearly complete prologue, Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype, were both canceled. While Inafune is now developing Mighty No. 9 for various consoles as a spiritual successor of the main series, it looks as though there is little hope for the game to ever be completed.

1. Silent Hills (PS4/ONE)



As the most recently canceled game on this list it’s still a rather heated subject. The game was first introduced through a mysterious playable teaser that hit the PlayStation 4 Store April 2014. Vaguely titled P.T., it first appeared to be a hallway simulation that quickly escalated into something and much more menacing. Drenching of atmosphere and reeking of anticipation, what made it scary was how it motivated the player’s mind into imagining the worst case scenario.

Some time after the existence of P.T. attempted to break the internet, Kojima Productions officially announced the full game as the next in the Silent Hill franchise. Not only was Hideo Kojima directing it, but so was Guillermo del Toro of Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy ame. To add on even more cars to the hype train was the fact that Norman Reedus, best known for his portrayal of Daryl Dixon is AMC’s The Walking Dead, would be voicing and motion capturing the leading role.

Sadly last April with the announcement of Kojima leaving Konami, too were rumors of Silent Hills‘ canceling. After a few days of zero word from Konami, it was made official and P.T. was stripped from the PlayStation Store forever. With that, the most anticipated Horror Survival game since Resident Evil 4 made this list as the number one game to never be released.

Honorable Mentions: Prey 2, Project H.A.M.M.E.R., Fallout Online, Makai Wars, Bioshock Vita

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